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The Hell's Angels Series Bundle (PAPERBACK)

The Hell's Angels Series Bundle (PAPERBACK)

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Get all three books in the Hell's Angels series!

Sizzling, hellish, and fiery 

Meet Lucy, also known as Lucifer, the unconventional CEO of Hell. Her job description? Dishing out afterlife justice, which is usually a walk in the fiery park. That is, until a group of bumbling humans crack open an interdimensional portal on Earth, unleashing a soul-hungry monster. Now, Lucy finds herself donning the unlikely hat of humanity's savior.

From battling the beast that snacks on human souls to facing a myriad of cosmic calamities, Lucy's to-do list just keeps getting longer. And if things don't go her way? Well, let's just say she's not above kick-starting the apocalypse as a Plan B.

In the "Hell's Angel" series, Lucy's escapades prove one thing: when you're the devil, saving the world is just another day at the office. Each page-turning adventure is a reminder that whatever doesn't finish her off, better lace up its running shoes. After all, Lucy's got a knack for turning the tables, with a devilish grin to boot.


  1. The Devil May Care
  2. The Devil's Advocate
  3. The Devil You Know

The Hell's Angels Series is a thrilling and romantic urban fantasy that takes you on a journey of love, redemption, and the power of sacrifice.

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  • Paranormal Romance
  • Urban Fantasy

About the paperback

Bundle contains 3 paperbacks
Total weight: 760g

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