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The Hell's Angel Series Bundle (EBOOK)

The Hell's Angel Series Bundle (EBOOK)

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Sizzling, hellish, and fiery 

Meet Lucy, also known as Lucifer, the unconventional CEO of Hell. Her job description? Dishing out afterlife justice, which is usually a walk in the fiery park. That is, until a group of bumbling humans crack open an interdimensional portal on Earth, unleashing a soul-hungry monster. Now, Lucy finds herself donning the unlikely hat of humanity's savior.

From battling the beast that snacks on human souls to facing a myriad of cosmic calamities, Lucy's to-do list just keeps getting longer. And if things don't go her way? Well, let's just say she's not above kick-starting the apocalypse as a Plan B.

In the "Hell's Angel" series, Lucy's escapades prove one thing: when you're the devil, saving the world is just another day at the office. Each page-turning adventure is a reminder that whatever doesn't finish her off, better lace up its running shoes. After all, Lucy's got a knack for turning the tables, with a devilish grin to boot.


  1. The Devil May Care
  2. The Devil's Advocate
  3. The Devil You Know


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