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Heart of Darkness (Novella, EBOOK)

Heart of Darkness (Novella, EBOOK)

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Indigo Delta is an elite assassin, a perfect blend of human and android, built to follow orders without question. But her latest target, Ryker Victor, is different. As soon as their paths cross, Indigo's carefully programmed world begins to unravel.

Ryker is not just any target; he's a former soldier who knows the dark secrets behind the Institute that created them both. With deadly skills and the truth on his side, Ryker must convince Indigo that they are pawns in a dangerous game of control and deception.

As Indigo grapples with newfound emotions and haunting memories of a past life, she must decide whether to continue her mission or join Ryker in a fight against their creators. With every step, the line between ally and enemy blurs, and the stakes grow higher. Can they expose the Institute’s sinister plans before it's too late?

Heart of Darkness is a pulse-pounding sci-fi romance packed with explosive action, intense intrigue, and a forbidden love that defies the odds.


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Give me a quick list: what can I expect?

  • Sci-fi romance
  • Cyberpunk assassin thriller
  • Human-android hybrid
  • Dystopian
  • Forbidden love

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