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The Enforcers Series Bundle (PAPERBACK)

The Enforcers Series Bundle (PAPERBACK)

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Sizzling, adventurous, and spellbinding 

In a world veiled from human eyes, where supernatural beings roam, the Supernatural Investigation Agency (SIA) is the thin line between chaos and order. But in this high-stakes game, the heart has its own rules. These enforcers, tasked with policing rogue paranormals, find themselves wrestling with emotions as elusive as the shadows they hunt. Amidst their battles, passion ignites, and alliances shift, blurring the lines between ally and enemy. Join the enforcers on a heart-pounding journey where love is as dangerous as the creatures lurking in the night, loyalties are tested, and every choice could be their last. This series isn’t just a read; it’s a plunge into a world where the protectors might just be the ones with fangs.

Contains four paperbacks:

  1. Burn the Night
  2. Stalk the Night
  3. Storm the Night
  4. Capture the Night


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Currently, we offer shipping for physical books exclusively within the USA and the UK. This is due to our printing facilities being located only in these countries.

While we'd love to extend our reach to readers around the globe, the high cost of international postage from the USA/UK makes it challenging to offer a feasible shipping solution outside these regions.

We're continuously exploring options to make Jane's books more accessible worldwide. Thank you for your understanding and support.

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Shipping costs are determined at checkout and vary based on the items you select. We strive to offer the best rates while ensuring your books arrive safely and swiftly.

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Delivery times vary depending on your location. As an independent author based in Australia, Jane partners with BookVault in the UK and the US to bring her books to you. While we can't offer next-day delivery, we do our best to ensure every order is handled with care and attention.

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Give me a quick list: what can I expect?

  • Paranormal Romance
  • Cool Powers and Magic
  • Supernatural

About the paperback

Bundle contains 4 paperbacks.
Total weight: 1.2kg

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