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Storm the Night (Book 3 EBOOK)

Storm the Night (Book 3 EBOOK)

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I’m Paige Shelton, and my life in Maxxan, Texas, is anything but ordinary. By day, I’m a graphic designer with a designer wardrobe. By night? I’m an unlikely vampire slayer in killer stilettos, hunting the bloodsuckers that lurk in my town. Everything changes when I meet Nate Wilder, a vampire who’s as dangerous as he is alluring.

Nate offers me a deal I can’t ignore: help him hunt a rogue ghoul, and I earn my freedom. Working with him, I start questioning everything I’ve been taught about vampires. With my family and friends in danger, trust becomes a luxury I can barely afford.

As Nate and I delve deeper into the shadows of Maxxan, our bond intensifies. Caught in a web of secrets and lies, I’m torn between my duty as a slayer and the forbidden allure of my vampire ally. With each revelation, the line between friend and foe blurs. Can I trust Nate as we stand against an ancient evil, or will my heart lead me into peril?

Storm the Night is a tale of passion, mystery, and the courage to find truth in the darkness.


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  • Paranormal Romance
  • Cool Powers and Magic
  • Supernatural

Want a sneak peek? Read a sample

“Do you really think you can hold me?” The vampire pulled at the burning ropes restraining him, his eyes as black as night as he challenged me.

“Sure do,” I replied. My lasso of flame had done an excellent job so far, provided you could tolerate the stench of burning flesh. It had taken me quite some time to hone my skills and manage the lasso, and pull forth my other fire demon skills at the same time. But practice makes perfect, and here we were.
Already the fire was having its desired effect—the vampire’s fangs appeared as he winced with each flex of his wrist. The flame wouldn’t kill him, but it hurt like the devil and would slow him down. I’d learned that from my cousin Rae.

“Who do you work for?” I asked.

He grinned, his fangs glinting, then stretched as if to prove that my burning restraints didn’t faze him, that he’d be free soon enough, and when that happened, he promised retribution.

“No one.”

“Liar,” I called forth my fire—a sword of flame. To be honest, it wasn’t really a sword; it was any pointy object I needed to conjure for my needs at any particular time. Sometimes it was a spear. Sometimes a dagger. Sometimes an arrow. But I liked the sword the best.

With deft movements, I cut away his shirt, exposing the pale flesh of his chest. Although his skin may have been a pale white color I didn’t find appealing, the muscles beneath rippled, and I had to admit—this guy had abs to die for. I swallowed, refusing to be distracted.

As if he knew, he grinned. “Like what you see?”

I ignored him, tracing the tip of the sword down his chest, leaving a dark burn that sizzled and popped before it healed. This was why it was so much fun. I could exact hours of torture on him, and he’d continue to recover—just as his wrists were doing from my lasso. Burn to the bone. Heal. Over and over again.

He glanced at his chest. “Is that supposed to frighten me?”

I considered the question. “Well, I’ve been taking out vampires for a while now. I’ve got a blade to your heart, so yes, you should be afraid.” His expression was still amused. Why did they think that just because I was a petite female, they shouldn’t be afraid? They misjudged me over and over.

My phone began vibrating, and I put away my sword to pull my cell from the pocket of my swirling Stella McCartney summer dress. Yes, a dress with pockets - a rare find, which was why I bought the same dress in three different patterns. Today’s was my favorite, white with red cherries. My red-heeled Louboutin’s matched perfectly. Swiping the screen, I put the phone to my ear, not taking my eyes from the vampire pinned in front of me.

“Yeah?” I answered.

“Paige, where are you? You said you’d pick up the cake.” Mom’s voice came through loud and clear, and I cursed.

“Sorry, Mom. Lost track of time. I’ve got the cake. I’ll be there soon.”

“Well. Hurry.”

“On my way,” I lied. I’d yet to extract information on the Gunslinger from any of the vampires that I’d caught, interrogated, and killed in the last two months. The body count was mounting, and I was no closer than when I started.

Rae and her boyfriend, SIA Agent Jordan Buchanan, were in Redmeadows, where Rae was training to become a bona fide agent herself. In the meantime, Maxxan was vulnerable—I didn’t care what Jordan had to say about it. Just because the Red Witch had removed the spell that allowed vampires to walk in daylight, it didn’t eradicate our current vampire problem—it just moved it to a nocturnal time slot.

Plus, there was something else, something one of the vampires had hinted at that had piqued my interest. There was something else in Maxxan, and trouble was brewing. Sadly, I hadn’t been able to get any more information from that vampire before he expired.

“Got a date?” the vampire in front of me drawled with feigned interest. He should have been afraid, and it made me mad that he wasn’t. They all underestimated me, thinking I was just a pretty little girl playing around. I’m a vampire slayer, dammit. You should be quaking in terror.

“Actually, I do,” I replied, sliding the phone back into my pocket. “So I’ve got to wrap this up, I’m afraid.”

“What a shame.”

“It is. I was hoping to spend more time with you,” I agreed, calling forth my flame once more.

“Maybe another day?” He quirked an eyebrow. I always admired that trait in a male, but now wasn’t the time to be admiring what he could do with his various body parts.

“That won’t be possible—I’m afraid you won’t be available.” Then I slid the flaming sword into his heart.

His face registered surprise, his eyes widening as his body slowly disintegrated into ash at my feet. Pulling my fire back to myself, I stepped back, cursing that I’d gotten his ash on my shoes. Walking over to the card table, I dug through my oversized Kate Spade handbag for a tissue and wiped the gray dust from my Louboutin’s, made sure my dress was clean, tightened the ponytail that held my hair high on the top of my head, then slung my bag over my shoulder. I had a birthday party to get to.

Locking the warehouse behind me, I walked to my car, glancing around to make sure I hadn’t been seen. The warehouse had been a great find—its current owner had no use for it and had been more than happy to allow me to use it for free. Of course, he didn’t know what I was using it for. He thought I was an artist—which I am, of sorts. My art is torture, and my canvas is a vampire’s flesh.

Sliding behind the wheel, I tilted the rearview mirror to check my makeup. Winged eyeliner was still in place, long dark lashes looked phenomenal, blue eyes were bright, and freckles were covered with immaculately applied foundation. I pulled out my lipstick, touched up my red lips, made a kissing motion at myself, and then pulled out, heading to my apartment.

Tonight’s hunting expedition had been unexpected. It was early, only just gone seven, and I wasn’t in my usual hunting ground—the nightclub Enchant. I’d been in the store buying wine for tonight. When the vamp had approached me, I’d taken a chance since I hadn’t intended to hunt tonight at all. It was Dad’s birthday, and I had a family dinner to get to. But the opportunity was too good to resist.

Letting the vampire think he’d lured me in, I suggested we use my car. Stupid fool thinking he could seduce me, drink my blood, that I was an unsuspecting human. Instead, I got him in my car, restrained him with my lasso, and the rest, as they say, is history. I’d learned early on that I made excellent vampire bait, that they were attracted to my pretty, feminine features, my designer clothes, my tiny size, and my delicate appearance. I sniggered at their misconceptions.

It was a quick ten-minute drive to my apartment above the bakery on the main strip of Maxxan. As a freelance graphic designer, I had a limited budget. Considering I spent more on clothes and shoes than I should, the tiny apartment that always smelled like baked goods was all I could afford. Not that I’m complaining, I love it. It’s cozy and suits my needs perfectly.

Running upstairs, I retrieved the birthday cake from the fridge, then headed out to Mom and Dad’s. It was the first big family get-together since Uncle Frank had been arrested—we’d all been shocked when it was revealed he was working with the vampires to produce the mind-altering drug Rampage. Jordan had stopped him, and he was currently incarcerated at SIA in Redmeadows.

Poor Rae. It must have been a further blow for her to discover her own dad had orchestrated for her to be committed to a mental asylum just to get her out of the way. My cousin and I had been close growing up, but when she was sent away at eighteen, we’d lost touch. When she’d been released from the Institute, she’d headed to Alaska and had been gone from Maxxan for years—she’d only returned for Grandma’s funeral, and that was when everything had gone pear-shaped. But the silver lining was Rae had found love—with Jordan. I was happy for her and only a little envious. I’d had a string of boyfriends, but nothing serious. No one I’d be prepared to settle down for a happily ever after with.

“Finally!” My brother, Cody, opened the car door before I had a chance to turn off the engine.

“Geez, what’s the rush?” Lifting the cake box from the passenger seat, I handed it to him. “Take this.”

“Mom’s in a panic. She wants everything to be perfect.”

“Pft. Our family doesn’t do perfect.” I snorted, grabbed my bag from the floor, and felt around for the bottle of wine I’d purchased earlier.

“Paige.” His warning hurt. I’d been nothing but supportive of my family. Always. How dare he suggest otherwise?

“Cody,” I responded, shooting him an angry glare.

He grinned and then apologized. “Sorry—Mom’s rubbing off on me. I feel as wired as she is.”

“It’ll be fine. Stop worrying.” I followed him inside, where Mom was busy in the kitchen.

“Oh, good, you’re here. Did you get the cake?” She whirled past, dropping a kiss on my cheek as she lifted plates down from a cupboard.

“Yes, I brought the cake.” I tilted my head to indicate to Cody to put it in the fridge. He did.

“What’s up, Mom?” Sliding my arm around her waist, I forced her to stop her frenzied rushing around. She sucked in a deep breath and blew it out, then laughed. “You know, I don’t really know?”

“Tonight will be fine. It’ll all be fine.”

“It’s just… Deb. She’s really isolated herself since Frank was arrested. I’ve barely seen her, even though I’ve reached out a dozen times. I thought we were close, best friends, but…”

“She probably just needs some time, Mom. It was pretty epic, what happened with Uncle Frank. I mean, could you imagine if it were Dad?”

“I’d be so hurt!” Mom cried, her hand pressing on her cheek. “And embarrassed.”

“Maybe Aunt Deb is feeling some of that, hmmm? We just need to continue to be her family—continue to be her friends,” I suggested, squeezing her waist.

Mom smiled, patting my arm. “You have a wise head on your shoulders, Paige. I always said you were an old soul.”

“Right. What can I do to help?” Releasing her, I indicated the kitchen bench where dishes of food were in various stages of preparation.

“Here. Take this through.” She handed me a platter of dip, biscuits, and carrot sticks. “To snack on until dinner is ready.”

I headed into the dining room with the platter. It was the first time the family had been together since the shit hit the fan, and I had questions that demanded answers. Tonight was the night.

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